ENG Dirty Deeds

Prins Tapper och Medråtta



Something really Desplorable occurred in May. The Hypocondriac Child interviews the lady from Turkey.


-Hi, something really desplorable happened to you here, what can you tell us about it.


-Should I start now?


-Yes, tell me about what you did and what happened.


-Well I sat and thought about nothing. A bit like this. Then I sat to ochtänkte on

nothing. Then came a dog by and chewed on my foot.


-How he found you.


-It's easy, you just walk through the door, again all rooms to get to matting in the big room, and as they say "Hello!".


-Hmm. So he chewed on your legs. How did it feel?


-Do you know the only thing I could say was "Como estas?". I have just arrived home from Turkey.


-But did not hurt? Sometimes I get rashes and they do incredibly evil.


-It didn't hurt so much. I am made of plastic and it is an advantage in this kind of context. The worst was his crazy look. I understood that he made like this before. 2 times.


-How did the offender look?


-He had hair all over your face, except his mouth. There, he had my foot. Wet and cold on the snout. So he had no pants on either. He seemed straightforward. I wonder how much he earns. So he had to "Hoh-Hoh-Hoh". But almost everyone does that.


-Anything else you recall?


-Yes Waterloo, Abba, 1815. I remember lots of things.


-Thank you. What happens now?


-well I got this gray lump and Prince Valiant says that if they just get the cutter so it will look the same as my feet and smell much better.


-you will be able to dance again?


-Shall we, dance? Thank you!






-The dust is still a little bit about the new foot.



Police artist's reconstructions. Warning for strong images!