ENG Second attempt at the Moon

Prins Tapper och Medråtta


-Prince Valiant, how do you do the rockets?

-Well, it's really just a paper tube that you put a nosecone on and fill with gunpowder to burn in different colors and to propel the rocket.

And how do you put a thin wooden stick to make it fly straight.

-Is it all?

-You need a fuse as well. Are you going to make a rocket to new year?

-No, a rocket to the Moon

[It is taped and pappras in the background. Prince Valiant, read the news and plan their next walk on carpet]

-Prince Valiant. Are there air on the Moon?

-Not so much. But there is pretty good with stone.

-Prince Valiant do you remember when we took down the moon with a stick and it was not the Moon? What happens if you go to the Moon and it's not the Moon then either?

-Now you are thinking too much again. It went well last time.

-How to access the cheese if there is so much stone?

-The best is enough if you bring a little extra cheese in the food box. For safety's sake. Worst-what is månintresserad today.

-Yes I have a very månintresse. I am almost done with my månraket.

[They go out and inspect]

-Baron Rat. You are amazingly energetic at times.

-Thank you very much.

-So you have filled a paper tube with as much powder as you can, loaded with some sprängladdnigar you received from Aktion Frank for it to emit red and green shoots when it explodes, taped to a wooden stick to make it fly, and now will you fly to the moon with it to investigate if there is the cheese, with a glass jar on its head to breathe?

-Oops, Prince Valiant, you can almost read thoughts.

-It will never work.

-Oh no!

-You have no comfortable chairs in the nose cone and in addition, you must wait until the Moon is half.

-It is true. We can take the unusually comfortable chair we borrowed from the King. But why do we have to wait until the Moon is half?

-To the only people who have been on the Moon so far are Americans and they went there when it was a full moon and that is much easier. Besides, it's cheaper to go when the Moon is half.

-Yes that sounds logical.

[They wait 15 minutes. Baron rat can't wait anymore]

-Prince Valiant, can you help me with the countdown. I can "Mathematics" but not the numbers as well. They do not come in order when I'm counting them.

-Yes, certainly. Joston. Ten, nine, eight ...

-Prince Valiant. Why do you count backwards.

-When we come down to zero so we don't have time to sit here and have to go.

-Oooh. You know almost everything.

-What do you mean by "almost"? three ... two ... one ... zero.

-Shall I light the fuse now?

-Yes it may be a good idea.

[A little bit of space flight and some neat pink, red and green krevader later, they are on the moon with a glass jar on his head]

-What happens to the other half of the moon when it is half?

-It has the on the back, of course, where we can't see it.

-Ohhh. Of course. Ohhhh. All good cheese ...

-I think it looks like stone.

-I think they taste a bit like cheese. so lucky that we went here.

-Yes pick the hamper full so we go home then.

-Why have you brought  the princesses  own picnic basket? Such luck.

-Well not luck directly. Cunning planning. I got a few extra explosive charges and some fuzes of Action Frank while he was not at home, so that we could go back home again. But the basket, you can apply to your cheese samples. Just don't forget that we shall return it and all of the explosive charges that will be over when we get home.

-Do not forget to return. Don't forget to return. Shall we return the King's unusually comfortable chair too?

-Yes as soon as we realize that we don't need it anymore. You see that you have to be both honest and safety conscious.