ENG Dental Prince Valiant

Prins Tapper och Medråtta

[Part 2, Dental Prince Valiant]

[Prince Tappers monologue] I have a stethoscope for 135 kronor as a doctor-R! Now I will have the ,prestige of a doctor-R! Hey girl, I can heal you!

Any Princess: I need no cure. I'm wonderful.

Prince Valiant: well, there are more where she came from. Oh look a new neighbor. Wonder who it might be?

[Zoomed in on Nasty Dinosaur. Crazy eye. ]

Nasty Dinosaur: This smells of Vole and Red homespun.

[He goes into his house again]

[Optional Princess] He's so snooty!

[Door opens again]

[Nasty dinosaur] I am a real doctor!

[Any Pinsessa] Oh! Heal Me! [jumps up and down]

[Scene 2]

Prince Valiant: Oh no! baron rat! BARON RAAAAT!

Baron Rat: Hello. You made me lose my piece of cheese. Can you see it?

Prince Valiant: we don't have time now. I need a patient. Nasty Dinosaur takes all my patients.

Baron Rat, uncertain: what shall I do?

Prince Valiant: come on in and take remove the clothes off the upper body.

[Picture of Prince tappers shed]

Baron rat: Can not. The fur coat does not come off. What is the red pill? They taste a bit like cheese.

Prince Valiant: Laxatives. It's the only thing I can buy because I'm not a "real" doctor even though I have a stethoscope for 135 kronor. I have coloured them red and blue to get some difference between them.

Baron rat: What are those blue pills? They taste a bit like cheese.

Prince Valiant: quiet. Say "Ah". Nah now!

Baron rat: Is it serious?

Prince Valiant: Yes! Watch all the princesses go to Nasty Lizard's reception. This should not happen.

[He rushes out]

Prince Valiant: The Princesses! Come to me. I have a stethoscope for 135 kronor!

[Voice behind him]

Baron rat: and his pills taste a bit like o-cheese!

Princesses: We are wonderful and he is a real doctor!

Prince Valiant: Bah! Bah!

[Nasty lizard comes out]

Nasty lizard: what's the fuss outside. Silent!

[Nasty lizard beats a volt and falls on his head]

Princess voices: Oh he fell! Poor nasty Doctor Dinosaur! He slipped on a piece of cheese! Poor him! Is he married? I'm wonderful!

Prince Valiant: out of the way. I'm almost a doctor. I will cure him.

Baron rat: look! My cheese!

[Looking at Prince Tappers reception/shed]

Prince Valiant with stethoscope: I hear sounds inside him. This is not good! Fast nurse give him these pills!

Baron rat: Shall I  give him some of the blue ones too? He does not look good!

Prince Valiant: Yes do that, nurse! It should get him on his feet.